While there are a lot of new and exciting changes some classics, like Monster Bloom, just don’t need adjusting as the legendary results speak for themselves.

Great Formula, New look

We have expanded our use of organic extracts, adjusted nutrient ratios to maximize growth at a cellular level, and taken our formulas to a new benchmark in efficacy. At the same time we have created new labels this year for our entire nutrient line, complementing the power inside of it.  The fresh new look will stand out on shelves while the formulas inside will work together with a synergy that drives your plants towards maximum yields.

We are excited about all the change in 2016.  We hope you are too. Remember that no matter where you are in the world, we are only an email or a call away if you have any questions because at Grotek™ we think that support is as important as the products themselves.  Thank you to our thousands of global gardening partners for believing in our products.

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