Grotek Organics Micro Power

Micro Power



What is Micro Power

Growing indoors organically can pose problems not just from a lack of biology, but also from missing micronutrients. Micropower™ provides a precise ratio of essential trace elements. This ratio is complimented by high levels of magnesium and sulphur to boost critical plant functions. Added potassium assists with overall plant health and crop ripening.

Key features

  • Provides balanced micronutrients
  • Contains elevated levels of sulphur to increase essential oils
  • Reduces deficiencies in indoor and greenhouse crops

Directions for use

SHAKE WELL before using. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing.  Wash hands after use.  Store in a cool, dark location with lid secured between uses.

Mix 1-2ml per liter of water when growing in inert soilless media or water culture.  For use in outdoor or soil based application, consult a soil analysis to know whether or not your plants require supplemental micronutrient applications.

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