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After years of carefully assessing different formulas for efficacy, Grotek™ Organics is ready to help gardeners worldwide with formulas that are both easy to use and to customize. Grotek™ Organics products are an excellent choice for indoor and greenhouse growing, where plants don’t get the natural biodiversity that thrives in the soil. Grotek™ Organics can be used on all outdoors crops as well, providing balanced nutrition no matter what stage of growth or season.

Providing the right nutrient at the right time is the key success.

Because of their indoor and greenhouse focus, all of the nutrients within the Grotek™ Organics range are immediately available to the plant. This helps plants accelerate quickly under peak conditions, building the energy to produce the highest yields possible. As digested liquids, most of our formulas are full of secondary metabolites (Such as amino acids and humic acids), further enhancing the nutrition by impacting both plants and soil biology. All of the liquid formulas are an excellent choice for automated irrigation such as drip systems and injection lines due to their low sediment content.