Solo-tek™ Grow


Nutrient Suspension

Available sizes:

500ml, 1L, 4L, 10L



What is Solo-tek™ Grow

These unique one-part fertilizers are designed for use during the vegetative and floral development stages. The formulas provide all primary nutrients, other essential nutrients and also contain organic compounds for additional plant benefits. The formula provides a wide variety of essential plant nutrients in specific ratios.


SHAKE WELL before using.

Fertilizer with Supplements – Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 2 ml per 1 L of water (½ tsp / 1.25 qt). Use as part of your regular fertilizer program during periods of rapid green growth.

Solo-tekTM Grow Feed Chart

Soil / Soilless :2 ml / 4 L (¼-½ tsp / gal)
Hydroponics / Water Culture:5 ml / 4 L (1 tsp / gal)
Foliar:2.5 ml / 4 L (½ tsp / gal)