Available sizes:

500ml, 1L, 4L, 10L, 23L



What is Pro-silicate™

Potassium is an essential element in forming plant structure. Pro-Silicate™ provides both potassium and silicon. Silicon is the building block of plant cell structure. All plant cells require a certain amount of silica in their outer wall. It provides a rigid wall, which, along with calcium, helps keep plants from bending under their own weight.


SHAKE WELL before using. Pro-SilicateTM is a strong base and should never be added to nutrient concentrates. We recommend that Pro-SilicateTM be added to the nutrient tank prior to the addition of nutrients.

Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 2½−5 ml per 4 L of water (½−1 tsp/gal). Check pH and adjust to 5.5−6.5 depending on crop requirements. Agitate well, then add nutrients. If necessary Pro-SilicateTM can be added to the nutrient tank after the nutrients are in the solution. Pre-dilute in a small quantity of water and add slowly while agitating.

Pro-silicateTM Feed Chart

Soil / Soilless :2 ml / 4 L (¼-½ tsp / gal)
Hydroponics / Water Culture:5 ml / 4 L (1 tsp / gal)
Foliar:2.5 ml / 4 L (½ tsp / gal)