Available sizes:

500ml, 1L, 4L, 10L



What is Insta-green™

This product is designed to help growers with their crops when a nitrogen boost is required for plant development. The formula can help reduce yellowing and restore lush green colour to cuttings, seedlings or plants that are showing signs of underfeeding. An easy to absorb form of nitrogen assists with the effectiveness of the spray. With added iron, this formula provides nutrients that can restore the green to leaves in poor health.


SHAKE WELL before using.

Foliar Applications: Use as a spray mist on newly rooted cuttings. Mix 10 ml per 1 L of water (2 tsp / 1 qt). Use of a wetting agent in the solution will improve leaf coverage.

Soil/Soilless/Water Culture : Mix 5 ml per 1 L of water (1 tsp / 1 qt).

Insta-greenTM Feed Chart

Soil / Soilless :4 ml / L (1 tsp / 1.25 qt)
Hydroponics / Water Culture:5 ml / L (1 tsp / 1.25 qt)
Foliar:10 ml / L (2 tsp / 1.25 qt)